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Choosing an Age of Inheritance

October 6, 2020

Choosing an Age of Inheritance

Over the years, many of my clients have had differing views on just when their beneficiaries should be inheriting their whole share. In my twenty-five years of practicing law, I've seen these ages of inheritance run from 18 to186. (Yes, that is one hundred and eighty-six years old). 

The most important thing to realize is that this age of inheritance doesn't signify when the beneficiary gets *any* support at all, but instead mandates when the trustee has to give control over the whole inheritance. The trustee can provide support along the way for education, living expenses, or even distribute the whole thing early. It's just that, unless there is a disability of some kind, the has to complete the distribution by the chosen age. In the end, my clients have to choose an age of inheritance they feel is appropriate.

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