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Five Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

October 2, 2020

Five Warning Signs For Dementia and Alzheimer’s

As adult children migrate home for the Holidays, their senior parents sometimes show a few early warning signs that Dementia or Alzheimer's may be starting. In this podcast, I will elaborate on these five signs and what to do. If you see any of these signs, it is worth consulting a medical professional, and it is probably time to think about rearranging assets and income in light of future long term care costs.

Here are five specific warning signs:

* Overstocking or understocking at home

* Mail and bills accumulated in piles

* Fuzzy short-term memory but clarity about the past

* Odd misplacement of regular household items

* Routine tasks become confusing and frustrating

If a loved one is showing these signs, the worst thing a family can do is “wait and see” without seeking the help of a medical professional. While we always want to hope for the best for a loved one, having the facts can help the family protect itself more effectively. For more information on Long Term Care asset and income solutions, please check out my book The Long Term Care Solution available through my account at 

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