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Nick Nardulli & The 5 Core Elements of Investing

October 8, 2020

When it comes to investing, there are elements people want and don't want. In this interview with financial professional, generational planning advisor, author Nick Nardulli, we discuss what he calls the "Five Core Elements of Investing," which are risk, taxes, regulations, inflation, and depreciation of the dollar. Nick is also an author of Remarkable Retirement, Volume 3: America's Leading Retirement Advisors Speak, available on by clicking here.  


In this episode, Jeff and Nick discuss what families can accomplish by teaming up to hedge against the downsides of these five core elements, the growing trend of families planning together, and the benefits of open family discussions around wealth. For more information on the concepts discussed here, check out the free webinar and materials at titled Securing Against the SECURE Act and the Five Supervillains of Investing Webinar Materials. To see if meeting with Jeff and Nick makes sense for you and your family, contact Mike or Felicia with The Care Assistance Center at (919) 518-8237. 

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